New iSample 2.0 Video


The latest simple demo video of iSample 2.0. iSample 2.0 is the latest update to iSample from Way Out Ware, Inc. It includes a ton of new features that turn iSample into a powerful and fun beat and song creation tool.

Check it out in the App Store at

New Youtube Vid.


Good times with iSample!

This is a quick demo of what iSample is capable of. Actually this is just the tip of the iCeberg.

iSample how to video


New iSample how to video. Check it out!

iSample Is Now Available!


We just got a message from Apple saying that iSample has been approved for sale in the App Store!

This is great news, and now anyone can have iSample on their iPhone or iPod Touch.  

Here is a link to iSample in the App Store: iSample

Also, you can read more about iSample on our website at iSample's webpage.

iSample is coming!


iSample has been submitted to Apple for approval and as soon as it has been approved, it will be available in the App Store!  

We are very excited about iSample.  It is a very powerful yet very simple sampler for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to sample any sound using the built in iPhone mic, or using the headset mic on iPhone or iPod Touch. 

We have worked hard to make iSample the most stable and fastest app of its kind on the iPhone.   The unique multi-touch recording feature makes it very easy to create interesting samples to play with on the main pads.  Also, the 6 large sample pads make iSample very easy to play quickly and accurately.  

There are a lot of great additional features in the works, but as it is now, it is already a very powerful sampler.

Sample Your World!